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Welcome to The Hope of Survivorsí Renewal Center

Renewal CenterYou’ve been going through the most difficult time of your life, and are now trying to recover from the abuse by your pastor or spiritual leader. Have you ever thought, “if only I had a place to go to clear my mind…,” “if only my husband and I could get away to have a fresh start and reconnect…,” “if only there was a place to go where someone understood and could help us…”? If you’ve ever experienced these thoughts, then God has answered your prayers!

Steve and I discovered many years ago, while trying to recover from the abuse by our pastor, that it was very important to get away from home, from all the reminders and triggers, from the influence of the pastor, and take a trip where we could begin to reconnect with one another, to heal and to rebuild our marriage and lives. While we didn’t have a safe place to go where others understood and could help us—we ended up driving across the country and back spontaneously, just to get away—YOU DO have the option of a safe place, a haven of peace and hope available to you.

The Bible tells us to “Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved." (Psalm 55:22) This is your opportunity to cast your burdens on the Lord and allow Him to work in your lives to mend the broken pieces, to rebuild what Satan sought to destroy, and to make you whole.

The Renewal Center 3-day Intensive and 5-day Respite programs are designed to allow you to have plenty of time to reflect, to pray and to spend time with God and your spouse as you heal. There will be a schedule to follow, but you will have ample time to yourselves to work through things and to discuss the topics you’ve learned about each day. Books and DVDS will be provided for your use as you embark on this healing journey.

These programs are NOT vacations. They are intentional retreats for victims and their spouses. At this time, there are no accommodations for children, as this is your opportunity to focus on you, your spouse, your marriage and your relationship with God.

We assure you that you will experience a safe environment, comfortable accommodations, a peaceful atmosphere, and delicious vegetarian meals. By God’s grace, you will leave the Renewal Center with renewed hope, peace and purpose in life, plus a deeper relationship with your spouse and God.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to schedule a program, please let us know. You can email us at or call (866) 260-8958 (Toll-free) or (618) 983-6434. Program dates and lengths of time are flexible, as we try to accommodate your schedule while making sure we are available to assist you.

Note: The Renewal Center is a drug, alcohol and tobacco-free facility.


Call It Anything But Love! reflected so much of what we had gone through before, during and after the abuse. It opened the door of additional therapy that we wouldn’t have found anywhere else. Samantha, there isn’t enough room to write my appreciation for you… Steve, thank you for making it comfortable to be around you. You’re a great man, thus making a great pastor. I can’t say enough about what you have done for my husband via our Lord. You have left an imprint on both of our hearts to last generations.”—AR

“You guys have given me and my wife an opportunity to open up and heal over things that have hurt and harmed us for years, even from before the abuse. Your patience, wisdom, perception and understanding, I believe, have helped us have a new beginning in our marriage. I know that it is through God that we have this, but if not for you two, I’m not sure we would have made it.”—AR

“The time we spent at the Renewal Center was absolutely wonderful!  For the first time we have a fresh and hopeful perspective on our marriage.”—AR

We know all the time and energy and thought that went into the meal preparations and the wonderful accommodations and we are so very grateful. The home is beautiful because of all the love and hope that is shared in it. Thank you for going so above and beyond anything we expected, and for including our entire family.—CO

The staff was very competent. They were very knowledgeable about how to help us in our situation. It is a great place for healing.—CO

“The Hope of Survivors did exactly what their name says—they gave hope, light and encouragement to our daughter and her family as they are dealing with sexual abuse by their pastor. I am a pastor and this is the most appalling and bitter emotional experience I’ve ever faced. I thank God that our family sensed His Spirit of wisdom, love, acceptance and comfort through the lives of the staff at The Hope of Survivors. “A light shining in a dark place...” (2 Peter 1:19) We were in a very dark place as a family trying to reach out to precious family members who were being abused by the very one we had all trusted. Out of the darkness came this glorious light God gave through The Hope of Survivors. This ministry is true to God's Word and in tune with the Holy Spirit. It was evident that God rescued our family and used The Hope of Survivors in His healing process.”—KS

“We pray that the Lord blesses Hope of Survivors with this much-needed place of rest and healing. We would very much like to go to the healing center upon it's completion. As victims/survivors, the early days of abuse are crucial to get away and we also come together with you in prayer for the completion of this call to your ministry.”—OH

“I do think that a retreat center is an excellent idea, especially during that time when you feel afraid of your own shadow and feel so exposed. It would serve to be an excellent place for victims and their spouses to get time to spend together without distraction to learn, grow and begin to heal. It would also be a place to have conferences and educational seminars as well as serve as a training center as the ministry grows and needs more people.”—MI 

“I am thrilled, Samantha, to read how Maranatha Volunteers Intl. is involved in the renewal center. All I can say is, Praise. The. Lord! May He bless you and your husband abundantly for hanging in there with this critical, difficult, but absolutely necessary ministry!”—AL

“I found The Hope of Survivors in 2011 and have …repeatedly asked about …some places in the US to come and "heal, recover, etc. "…I have followed THOS's newsletter and the genesis of the Renewal Center and I cannot believe that it really is available now! I hardly dare hope that it will be possible for me to get to the Renewal Center, but it's really my "dream", if I can put it that way. A dream born out of some years of horrible nightmare.”—Denmark

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18