the Hope of Survivors

Angel of Light by Rena

Beware! Do not open your heart's door to an "angel of light"
An ordained man of God appearing so warm, faithful and kind
In order to manipulate, deceive, control and pursue
To steal your heart, soul and mind
So he can take what he desires and end up destroying you.

Oh no! I have naively trusted him and opened my heart's door
I let in this deceptively beautiful man who is ruled by sin
Jesus, please help me for I am too wounded and weak
It is very hard to fight against him and the battle to win
It is Your deliverance I so desperately seek.

Yes! It is Jesus who has come to rescue me
From those eyes of seduction and that tongue of deceit
O man with a heart and soul black as the night
Your days have been numbered, your time is now done
My Jesus, my Savior,  the victory has won.

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18