the Hope of Survivors

Before You by Stephanie Haslick

I stand here before you;
Singing words of worship;
To honor you, to love you;
But my heart isn’t in it.
I listen to the pastor talking;
But the message falls on deaf ears.
I’m numb to you;
Numb because you let this happen.

I kneel here before you;
Tears streaming down my face;
Why, God, why did this happen?
Why did he hurt me?
Why does it hurt so much?
My heart is bleeding and broken;
Waiting for your healing touch;
But I don’t see you, I don’t feel you.

I fall here before you;
Completely broken; Help me, Lord;
I surrender everything to you:
The shame, the guilt, my broken heart,
My wounded body, my stubbornness, and my pain.
Come fill me, Lord;
Step in and break down the walls inside me;
I’m crying out to you with tears pouring down my face;
Please, heal me, love me, help me, touch me.

I sit here before you;
Your blood has covered me;
You’ve touched me and held me;
Comforted me and guided me;
It has taken time;
But you’re mending my heart.
How could I have doubted?
You’ve forgiven and shown compassion;
Thank you, Father;
For your love has conquered the Devil’s once more.

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18