the Hope of Survivors

His Power by Rachel Clarion*
(*A pseudonym) © 2003

She was an answer to his prayer, her eyes so blue, her auburn hair
He’d never met someone so sweet—in every way made him complete
He said she made him feel alive, and asked her not to leave his side.

She never wanted to rebel; willful sin invited hell.
When he saw her still unsure, he became her counselor.
And so the words he redefined, changed her view, then changed her mind.

He never said adultery—he was just another husband, see.
Even though she thought it odd, he said she’d be denying God,
Who brought her to this place for him! How could his love for her be sin?

He was so glib, he was so smooth; he strategized his every move.
Always twenty steps ahead; he’d pull a string, she’d turn her head.
Gave her new sight through his blindfold; how could she know she was controlled?

But when his sin came to the light, upon his power he relied.
He blamed her, saying he was weak, which took away her voice to speak.
To him, the game just lost control. To her, a knife burned through her soul.

Upon the pulpit fall pretentious tears, her cries of anguish no one hears.
They run to him and her they oust; he’s believed and she’s renounced.
A child of God has been betrayed. He sets the bait for his next prey.

Is it too vile to really see? The abominable deceit?
Is that why leaders cover up? Call it ‘overworked’ and not ‘corrupt?’
Sweep dark secrets under rugs? Ignore the victims who God loves?

An abuse of power, a breach of trust; a crime so cruel and so unjust
How many heads are in the sand? So few will try to understand.
The pure in heart cannot believe, as victims and their families grieve.

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18