the Hope of Survivors

Hit and Run by Rachel Clarion*
(*A pseudonym) © 2003

I’m on the inside looking out
Can something evil be devout?
Swimming in a lake of shame;
I used to love to hear my name.

I’m on the outside looking in
Can something sacred be a sin?
I’m disconnected; disengaged.
If life’s a book, I’m a blank page.

The black and white I used to read,
God’s lovely words that used to feed
were on his lips as he betrayed;
they turned into his shade of gray.

Now I can’t read those words at all,
He twisted them to make me fall.
And both his last name and his first
are written in the holy verse.

I trusted my pastor without reserve
and then life threw a ball that curved.
He held the bat with me and swung,
his old familiar hit and run.

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18