the Hope of Survivors

Hollow Reflection by Sherry Stockford

Is anybody out there?
Doesn’t anybody see?
God please send an angel
To take this pain from me

My insides are crying
Drenched from my pouring rain
Something inside’s still dying
Sometimes I can’t stand the pain

I feel hopeless, meaningless, stupid,
Used, naïve and afraid,
Guilty, searching, yearning,
Childlike and dismayed

What gave you the right to do this?
To leave me broken beneath a steeple
I never could have known how heartless,
Self-seeking, prideful, deceitful…

My crushed soul will be restored
But for now the pain’s still flowing
You thought you’d steal my life away
NO! I’m raking back the seeds you were sowing

Sometimes I can feel really strong
Still I want to run away and hide
To leave behind all the reminders
But it wouldn’t kill the storm inside

You knew how to be just what you made me think I wanted
I trusted in you without any questions
Shepherd, father, teacher, wolf…
I wish I’d seen past your deceptions

Fantasy turns to reality, clarity and back to reason
Your lies are no longer my perception
God please send that angel soon –
I need to see more than my hollow reflection

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18