the Hope of Survivors

How Did This Happen? by A Member of the Congregation

Much good he has done,

many a burden he’s shared,

He has a kind heart,

and for many does care.

We’ve all been good friends

in Christ for so long,

How did this mess happen,

where did things go so wrong?

Step by step

our feet sometimes lead,

Down a slippery path

if God’s voice we don’t heed.

Two separate lives

it’s possible to live,

If control of our lives

to God we don’t give.

But sooner or later

these lives will collide,

Bringing us to a point

where we have to decide.

Decide what to do,

decide what to learn,

Decide to follow Christ,

and to take a new turn.

He’s a child of God,

chosen for His work,

But a sacred trust he betrayed

and inflicted deep hurt.

It is unhelpful to shield him,

to protect him in sin,

He needs to step up to the plate,

and face where he’s be’n.

That way God’s tender

healing can start,

Performing the surgery

to give him a new heart…
The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18