the Hope of Survivors

Why Couldn’t You Just Leave Me Alone? by Phenessa

It’s started so subtle I didn’t even notice,
In your stare,
And your blazing glare,
Your overt hugs you claim was Christian,
Like a father gives his daughter,
And when you passed by me,
Your hands “accidentally” touched mine,
In your eyes, there was a lie,
And, you took advantage of my cry,
On your tongue was false prophecy,
And it lingered in my head,
As I watched your lips move,
Like the ocean and the sands on a windy day,
You pretended not to acknowledge my pain,
And you complemented the abuses in my past,
Why couldn’t you just leave me alone?

You drove me to insanity,
And, parked me at death,
Sacrificed my name,
Crucified me to save yours,
And tried to leave the truth under your feet,
Yet a lie is what I refuse to live,
To my God, my life I give,
And forget about this fantasy you whispered in my ear,
And this horrific trail you carved into my journey,
But, I survived,
And, I overcame,
And, I made you do what you couldn’t do,

Just leave me alone.

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18