the Hope of Survivors

Little Girl Again by Sherry Stockford

Daddy don’t you know I’m
Feeling helpless and alone
Daddy I’ve been carried
Too far away from home
Daddy, please draw me back
In safe arms I used to know
Father please hear me
I need your rescue; I need your touch
I am just a little girl again

Daddy he used me, left me
Crying and ashamed
Daddy he took all I had
And tried to take your place
Daddy I’m sorry for getting
Lost inside of sin
Father please forgive me
I need your mercy; I need your grace
I am just a little girl again

Daddy don’t you hear I’m
Crying out to you again
Daddy, please hold me until
My pain comes to an end
Daddy, help me see that there
Is still some trust in men
Father don’t refuse me
I need your help; I need your strength
I am just a little girl again

Many mountains more to travel
Valleys along the way
You didn’t leave me when
All went dark
Your light shines bright today
As I gaze toward tomorrow
I’m getting stronger; I’m getting brave
Daddy I’m your little girl again

Father thank you for growing me
To be your little girl again

I’m your little girl again

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18