the Hope of Survivors

Mary, Mary, Everywhere by Jennifer Jill Schwirzer

( healing from abuse)

Mary, Mary everywhere
Your tired face I see
Mary in the very air
And Mary in me
Lured by the power
Hoping love will last
And the cycle continues
An ever-present past

Red-rimmed eyes are shining
Looking heaven’s way
Victims of designing
What can I say?
He abuses power
Who has it to abuse
The tender gender cower
So often seem to lose

Then a man comes walking
You think, in a mask
Then he starts to talking
And you start to ask
Can these words be honest?
Can He really be
Answering my longing
Not for Him, but me?

Every time I see her
In a sister’s face
I desire to free her
From this sore disgrace
And I have seen creation
World without end
Work its transformation
In many a friend
I have seen the River
Wash away the lies
I have seen the Lamb lay down
And I have seen Him rise

Mary, Mary everywhere
Your shining face I see
Mary in the very air
And Mary in me
Finding new power
Knowing love will last
And the cycle is broken
Perish with the past

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18