the Hope of Survivors

Two Faces Collide by Kim

You have a face you portray to the world
Soft and gentle one might say
Charming and understanding
Seemingly showing your flock “the way”

There’s so much one can say you’ve done
To counsel and to heal
Standing up for the broken ones
Always with such appeal

There is another face you have
Hidden underneath
That so few know is oh-so-cold
That causes the vulnerable such grief
Powerful and cruel you are
To all who bring light to your path
Disastrous destruction you leave
From your most deceptive wrath

There has to be the day will come
When what’s real will be displayed
Carrying two faces only works for so long
Before the collision invades

Remorse is not in your vocabulary
Nor are the words of truth
But there is One who knows all you are
The only One to save you

I pray that you find redemption
In the necessary way
I pray that I can give to you forgiveness
So that I may seize the day

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18