the Hope of Survivors

You Knew... by Samantha Nelson

Full of hope and love for the Lord, they went to church that day.
They’d never guess the thoughts you had,
And that you’d one day lead them astray.
But you knew.

A husband longing for reassurance, a wife seeking to follow Him.
Newly returning to the faith,
They never suspected what you saw in them,
But you knew.

A woman naïve and trusting,
Too trusting for her good,
She wouldn’t know what thoughts you had, perhaps she never would.
But you knew.

The husband trusted implicitly, he needed a mentor and a friend.
She looked for a loving father figure, a family to be in.
They thought you were a Godly man and wouldn’t question otherwise,
But you knew.

Slowly you gained their trust and love,
It was a friendship they grew to cherish.
Your real motive was hidden to them,
But you knew.

As you gleaned their secrets,
And discovered their inner pain,
You sought to divide and conquer—at first they suspected nothing.
But you knew.

As your professed concern increased,
Their walls came tumbling down.
She gave you all her secrets not realizing her vulnerability.
But you knew.

The husband continued to trust, although it was not without doubt.
Your actions began to seem strange,
And he wondered, was this friendship or something else?
But you knew.

It was not a friendship that you intended, when you “set your sights” on her.
They were blinded by your title, fooled by your bold nerve.
Where this would lead, they had not a clue,
But you knew.

You knew the path you were leading them, as you had been there before.
Sure you’ve denied it, but truth speaks louder than words.
Your own wife couldn’t stop you, she was in the dark.
But you knew.

Lives now ruined and in great pain,
The woman’s hope all gone—the husband’s nearly so.
With faith destroyed and love in pieces, they didn’t know what you’d do.
But you knew.

How could you take her guilt and shame from years of past abuse,
Take her trusting, gentle heart and put it through such pain.
She believed and trusted in you, she thought it was safe to do.
But you knew.

How could you wrench her heart from the one she loved so dear?
How could you try to steal away the man God had given her?
She could not fathom what had changed—in her mind she was confused.
But you knew.

She had come hoping to lead others to Christ.
Her husband felt the same.
The plans you laid were far and wide and unbeknownst to them.
But you knew.

Was it “counseling” when you forced yourself on her,
Telling her “just once”?
What could she do? You were in control.
But you knew.

Secrets kept are secret shame. Her life came crashing in.
No longer could this lie be hid,
You’d gone too far again.
But you knew.

Her husband valiant at her side, thank God for his resolve.
He hoped he’d live to see her heal, and their marriage be renewed.
He didn’t know what would come next,
But you knew.

Stealthily and cunningly, like the cruelest foe,
You led them to a place of sin where life appeared to be no more.
The depth of evil in your heart, they’d never ever known,
But you knew.

Only God could save them now and wrench her from your grasp.
It was a battle long and hard, for Satan was pleased with the catch.
If only they’d known your inner heart, the blackness residing there…
But you knew.

With death so near the door, you simply refused to let go.
What would it take—a suicide—to make you let her go?
You vowed you’d never leave her, she didn’t know what that meant.
But you knew.

Your stalking has continued for many a year since,
You think they do not realize that it is your presence.
It’s not your presence merely though, for Satan is leading you.
But you knew.

You threw your life away, your family and career.
Did not God’s call mean anything, were you too involved with you?
The devil had his way with you, and through you, others too.
But you knew.

They wondered how many others you’d left lying in the dust.
How many broken hearts and lives, trampled in your path?
They knew they weren’t the only ones…how many who could know?
But you knew.

Have you seen the light of truth—that Jesus has died for you?
Have you given your life to Him and repented for what you’ve done?
They’ll never know where you stand with Him,
But you know.

This life you live is not a game—there’s more to life than sex and power.
By God’s grace they pity you and pray for your salvation.
Will you seek your Lord and Savior—at this, the very last hour?
Only you know.

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18